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Sales / Peripherals

Computer Accessories

Education & Business Services Ltd offers a range of computer accessories for sale in store - watch for our online shop coming soon.

Printers & "All in Ones" (Printer, Scanner & Copier)

Top brand name printers at excellent prices.


Whether you need a all in one printer, copier, scanner system for your home office or wish to have a photo printer for your family snaps, speak to us for the perfect solution for you.


printers, scanners, copiers

Blank Media

Blank Media

We stock a wide range of blank media including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, etc.


Available in Pre-Packed cases or Disc Cases.


Cables - Network cables, printer cables, firewire & usb cables

Need a cable for your PC, Printer or Network? Check with us first.


We stock almost every common PC Cable.


USB Cables, Printer Cables, Network ethernet cables, Internal PC Cables. You name it we'll have it.



Keyboards & Mice

Keyboard & Mice

Most of our keyboards and mice are manufactured by Logitech, and are on display in our store.


We also stock various budget keyboards and mice.


Printer / Copier Paper

Run out of Paper?


Pop in and we'll stock you up again. With a large stock of paper you can always count on us.


We can also provide you with various Photo quality paper.


This is just a sample of the computer accessories we supply. Please contact us with your requirements



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