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Web Marketing Services

What exactly is Web Marketing?

Web or Internet marketing means the use of the Internet to advertise and sell goods and services. It includes Banner and Text Advertising, Email Marketing, Interactive Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (including Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising).

Mainly, its purpose is to increase targeted traffic from search engines via organic search engine ranking, paid listing and advertising.

It is simply:

Statistics show that:

90% of internet users employ search engines as a starting point to find information

85% of these use the top 10 major search engines and directories

80% of search engine users never look further than the first 15 results

Education & Business Services can help you achieve those top positions and dominate local searches. Our trained search engine optimisation experts will work with your website, building links, developing search engine friendly content, cleaning and validating code, and negotiating PageRank relationships, all towards that one final goal: SALES!!!

Search Engine Optimisation - Please click here for more

Pay per Click

There are several Pay Per Click Search Engines you can buy traffic from. As this number increases, it becomes more difficult to determine which ones are worth your time using. Our research shows that only the following four PPC solutions give satisfactory results and a good return on investment.

- Google AdWords - The biggest and best for volume, traffic quality and user interface. However the most expensive.

- Yahoo! Search Marketing - First, then Overture, now Yahoo! Search Marketing. Both high volume and quality with a few bargains still around.

- MSN AdCenter - A newly emerging big player with lots of leverage, however the interface is still frustrating some users.

Education & Business Services can manage your Pay-per-Click campaign helping you achieve the best returns on investment.

Banner Advertising

Using Banner Advertising in the form of text, images or videos can be very effective to get your company brand known and market to relevant users on the internet. Advertising online offers a new degree of accuracy when targeting your audience and ensuring your spend is efficient, as you only pay when your advert is actually viewed.  New techniques also allow for an in-depth multimedia experience that can be truly interactive, encouraging views and ensuring your brand has a memorable impact.  

Every Education & Business Services Banner Advertising campaign is unique and specifically tailored to your own marketing objectives. The choice is yours when it comes to how you want to advertise, you can just take advantage of our online media planning expertise or work directly with our creative team to produce unique advert designs and copy. 








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