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Off Site Data Storage -
replace tapes, tape drives, couriers and manual processes with
something far more secure and far, far quicker

Secure your data online with RecoveryShield™ backup and recovery solutions. RecoveryShield™ from Thinking SAFE™ is today's answer to ensuring greater availability of critical business systems following chronic IT failure, on site or on the move.

Unlike traditional, tape-based backup methods, RecoveryShield™ is designed to meet the recovery time demands of the 21st century business, provide continuous data protection and deliver higher availability of business systems.

RecoveryShield™ is a disk based data backup, recovery and archive solution that delivers corporate level data availability to both large organisations and small businesses – without the enterprise price tag.

With RecoveryShield™ you can:

  • Exploit virtualisation across a mixed environment, including SAN, NAS and DAS architectures
  • Significantly improve your IT disaster recovery capability
  • Automate control of your backup and recovery environment
  • Build in greater reliability and resilience
  • Reduce cost
  • RecoveryShield™ automatically captures your data from any location and any system and secures it to disk-based storage servers. Your data can be replicated multiple times to provide resilient remote copies that will satisfy the most stringent disaster recovery requirements in line with any legislative, corporate governance or environmental requirements.

    This is what you can achieve with RecoveryShield™:

  • Deliver RT0/RPO’s of a few minutes, even in a disaster
  • Secure all data in a single software platform.
  • Implement VMware backup & recovery policies across heterogeneous, multi-site environments.
  • Easily manage the recovery, backup and archive processes via a central management console.
  • Implement automatic archive policies.
  • Automatically encrypt data using PKI and AES 256 bit keylength encryption.
  • Replicate backup and recovery storage to multiple sites for increased disaster resilience.
  • de-duplicate storage at source using IP-based single instance storage.
  • Secure your mobile and remote data
  • Deliver a lower total cost of ownership than tape-based systems.
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    Why should I consider switching to disk-based backup and recovery?

    It’s all about recovery speeds, although there are also issues concerning tape’s reliability and durability. For example, a disk based recovery solution will recover the file or server in the time it takes to phone your courier service and ask them to deliver your tape back from its offsite storage.

    With an online system, data can be stored locally to ensure rapid file and application recovery - and automatically replicated offsite to provide backup and recovery assets in case of real disaster. With tape, backup and recoveries can stay on site for one or two extra days before being removed. In the event of a real catastrophe the business can only recover to data that’s two or three days old, rather than to data that’s just a few minutes old with disk.

    RecoveryShield software secures data from all supported versions of Microsoft® Windows operating systems plus Windows NT4, Microsoft Exchange® v5.5, 2000 and 2003, Microsoft SQL Server® v7, 2000 and 2005, UNIX (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX), Linux and AS/400.


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